1. Lil’ Bobo: Future Paradise mix

    Lil’ Bobo (a new project of The Boy Who Could Fly) made a 55-minute mix for Hel Audio. Listen & download here.

  2. badkarmacollection:

    Kari Jorgensen is at it again. Here are some videos of her playing live as The Boy Who Could Fly. I guess Kari is moving soon, and will be missed. Dream Eater, Karl Jorgensen and Ben Best, and Busman’s Holiday (from Indiana) also played.

    The Boy Who Could Fly - Future Nun from

  3. The Boy Who Could Fly “Brain Cloud”

    During our downtime we missed a few noteworthy releases. The Boy Who Could Fly's “Brain Cloud” is certainly one of them. It's available via bandcamp on a pay what you want basis. Listen below:

  4. The Sun Never Sets: a compilation of DIY electronic music

    OK Ikumi is compiling a compilation of lo-fi and DIY electronic music set for release in May. Utah artists Castillos, The Boy Who Could Fly, Forest World, and OK Ikumi will be featured alongside artists from France, Canada, Australia, and Japan. View more information at the compilation’s site here.

  5. Billy & The Boy Who Could Fly @ Sego

    Video of Billy's performance with The Boy Who Could Fly at the 2006 Sego Festival in Provo (courtesy of daveyohdavey).